Montag, 4. November 2013

Italian Championship 2013

Well, this was an interesting competition yesterday in Modena. The qualification went quite well and so I ended as first in the final. I didn't know who was joining me in the final and as I found out, that I was joined by other 14 people I was totally shocked. 10 people flashed one problem and so they all got into the final as 6th. 15 people in a final?? I had never seen something like this before.
The head judges decided to do the final with the semifinal formula, 4 min climbing, 4 min rest, because with the classical final formula it would have taken an eternity.
I started well by flashing the first two problems. The third one caused me some problems but eventually I did it in my fifth try. The last one was looking amazing but unfortunately it turned out to be too hard and so I couldn't climb it. With 3 tops in 7 attempts I thought I would be second, but immediately after the last boulder Steve told me that we both have the same amount of tops and attempts, and so I won because of count back to the qualification.
This victory is definitely one of the most amazing ones also because my amazing girlfriend managed to win too. Italian Champions. Yeah =)

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