Montag, 20. August 2012

Moments I'm living for

Who of you guys knows this song: Anton aus Tirol? For all those who don't understand what DJ Ötzi is singing about: he is singing about a really beautiful man. And exactly this beauty fits perfectly the route, called Anton aus Tirol, I climbed yesterday with my friend Andi.
Andi asked me the day before if I would be motivated enough to climb Anton aus Tirol with him. First I wasn't sure at all but then I said to myself: come on dude, let's go for it, it will be fun. And it definitely was fun! I think I've never climbed such an amazing multipich before. Everything was just awesome! It all started with the second pich, a 7b overhang. The features in that overhang were just incredibly perfect. This overhang was followed by some slab piches which were as good or ever better than the second pich. The best pich was the seventh, a 40 meter long 7a on perfect rock. Well the last pich wasn't that good anymore, still pretty good though but just not as good as the previous ones, and then I was sitting there in the sun, on the top of an awesome, proud 300 meter wall thinking: yes, these are the moments I'm living for!

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