Samstag, 25. August 2012

Having fun with some friends

The last two days I have been climbing with my friends Andrea, Marvin and Alberto. A part of climbing Menhir once again I felt really week and tired so I'm taking some restdays now.
The first day we decided to go climbing in Eiszeit, a cool crag with some of the best routes I've ever climbed.  Unfortunately a big part of the wall was wet. I climbed two routes there and then Marvin and I went down to an other wall to try a project in an amazing roof. It turned out to be really, really hard. At the beginning of the roof there is a boulder which might be somewhere in the 8A range. We weren't even able to climb all the moves. The second part of the roof is easier but it's still possible to fall there. All in all the route is awesome. I guess i found a new project =)
On our second day we walked up to Menhir. They where all very inspired by the route and very syked to give it a try. Basically I walked up to this route again just to explain the moves to my friends an to belay but then I wanted to climb something and since there is just this one route I had to climb this route =) And I managed to climb the route again without any rest.
We had two nice days.

I will rest now for some days and on Monday I have a flight to Singapore for the World Youth Championship. It is the first time I'm travelling out of Europe an I'm just so excited!

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