Montag, 17. September 2012

Once again... a perfect day!

Yesterday I climbed an other route with my friend Andi. The route is called "Da pozzo vecchio pazzo" (9/9+) and is situated on the Tofana di Rozes wall. I've never climbed on this wall before so I was really curious and for sure really excited too.
It was a long drive and when we finally got there and I had a look at the wall I was really disappointed, but not because the wall was too small or not nice. Just because the whole wall was covered by some big cloudes. I remained optimistic and said to myself that these clouds will be away once we are on the bottom of the wall. Indeed, as we reached the wall the cloudes moved slowly away.
Now we had the problem that both of us wanted to try to onsight the first 7c pich, so we played the rock-paper- scissor game. Andi won and started into the first bouldery pich. The crux was a little roof where he had some problems. It was a hard boulder so he fell there. He then tried to find out a good beta and went down again. It was my turn. I clmibed the first 10 easy meters and fought my way through the boulder. I was really happy that I managed to flash the first and hardest pich. Andi followed me as second.
The next piches were easy, nevertheless every single one was amazing. And then we reached the seventh pich. It was my turn to lead and I started having a lot of respect because I'm always a little afraid of 50 meter piches. I climbed and climbed. It was a one of the biggest fights ever. After more than half an hour of climbing I finally reached the end of the pich. I set down and wrote a sms to my mother: What a perfect day! It can't get better!  

By the way: In the next days I will put the report of our trip to Singapore online. Stay tuned =)

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