Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

Dreaming about going out climbing!

Well... I have not a lot to tell!
Lately I've just been training. After the WYC in Singapore I decided to concentrate on bouldering so I am basically just working on my bouldering strength.
In the film "Progression" Paul Robinson says: "I had sit in school and I'd wish I could be going out climbing" (I hope it's somehow right like this). Exactly the same thing happens to me now. I'm sitting in school and I'm dreaming about all the amazing crags around the world. I'm dreaming about just being out there bouldering. So of course I cannot wait for the next holidays.
The plan was to go to Fontainebleau from 26th Oktober to 2nd November. I was really excited but unfortunately we found no driver =( I'm still really disappointed that I cannot go back to Fontainebleau but I hope the next time I will find someone who is motivated enough to drive all the way up to this magical forest.

I'm really sorry, but we don't knew it: it is forbidden to climb on
this boulder because of the risk to break it down.

But I really don't want to stay at home during my holidays so I will go to Osp with a couple of friends. Osp is for sure really cool too, but as I've just been training for bouldering I will just be able to climb easy routes, or at least really short ones =) We will for sure have a lot of fun, but... yes, bouldering would have been more fun!


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