Mittwoch, 14. November 2012

Few days in Osp

Almost two weeks have passed since we came back home from our trip to Osp. It has been a cool time down there and we got to know the "Bora" (a cold and heavy wind) quite well. All in all we were quite lucky with the weather even though it was raining one day and so the next days almost everything was wet. Nevertheless we have been climbing every day (5 days in a row) without any rest.
Tortuga                                                                    pic by Marvin Kobald
On our first day I climbed some of the routes on the really left side of the wall in Mija Pec and tried once a route called "Eagles" in the middle of the huge wall. 
The next days I have basically just been climbing on the routes in the middle sectors because I liked them way more than those on the left hand side. On my second day I managed to climb "Eagles" on my third go and a really amazing route called "Oktoberfest" on my second go. 
searching the most inspiring line                          pic by Marvin Kobald

On our third day I started to try a harder route which is about 20 meters on the left of "Samsara" (I don't know the name of this route). The route is really bouldery and so I was surprised as I was able to climb all the moves. Because of that I was really motivated to give a few more tries into this awesome climb. 
yes, we were in 5 to sleep here =)                              pic by Martin Dejori

Unfortunately the next day it was raining. Nevertheless the route looked quite dry but as I was hanging in there I found out that one hold on the crux move was wet. This one wet hold was enough to make it impossible to try the route seriously. 
would have been motivated to climb here...                           pic by Marvin Kobald

The following day was already our last one and the hold in my project was still wet, so I finished my trip to Mija Pec with a flash of the super classic "Samsara" and a few attempts on some other routes. 

It's been 5 funny days in Mija and I can't wait for our next trip (this time hopefully bouldering =) ). But for now I will be resting for the next 3 weeks without touching any hold. It is going to be a hard time...

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