Samstag, 1. Dezember 2012

Bouldering in Algund

Yes! I can climb again. The three weeks of rest are over! It's been three hard weeks but now I am even more motivated to climb than before. 

Yesterday I went to Algund with Alexandra Ladurner. Unfortunately she has been injured for way too long but now she is finally not feeling that much pain anymore and she can climb again. It is really cool to climb again with her and it is also cool to see that she is getting really strong again (she is getting close on her first 8A).
So we went up to Algund, as I said, and first we went to the boulder "Tragic waste of Power" which Ale wanted to try. She managed to do all the moves again (last time she tried it a foothold broke) and I'm pretty confident that she is able to put the single moves together the next time. 
Afterwards we went up to this boulder called "The Egyptian arete". I've tried this boulder already four years ago and I thought that it is going to be a really quick work. In fact it took me a little longer. I tried this boulder about twice a year over the last 4 years and I never managed to climb the topout because I was always trying it with the wrong beta. But then, about a month ago, I tried another beta and I was finally sitting on the bloc. I was so happy, even though I had just climbed the topout. 
Yesterday I had to finish it off, and I finally did. On my last attempt of the day (it goes always on the last try of the day or the trip) I was standing on the top of an amazing boulder which was in my head since I tried it four years ago.   
Last year... still not having found the beta for the topout                                                                      pic by Marc Zipperle

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